Have I mentioned how much we are loving Spring?

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I usually do not post every week but this was such a fun week, I felt the need to share.  I thing the pictures will tell the whole story, but I will give a brief synopsis while I am here. 🙂  Everyday, the kids busted out some work-by this I mean they did their spelling, math lessons, grammar, copywork and journals.  Of course, they had motivation-to get outside!

Monday, we had PE.  Our formal PE class is over but the kids got along so well that we have decided to continue meeting.  Last week we played over, under, through (a game in which two ropes are tied between two trees about 2 feet apart- one person must go over, one under and the rest through the ropes) and dodgeball.  This week, one family opened their back yard for us.  The kids got to canoe, kayak, zip line, bike, hang out and fish.  They did not want to leave.  I could not blame them-I didn’t want to leave either!

Wednesday, the kids had a plant adaptations class at Latta.  They gave it a 10/10 as far as classes go.  They learned about how seeds are spread and they learned to identify the trees and plants.  The fun part of this came today when Sawyer gave Parks and I lessons on edible plants and plant identification.

Thursday, Sims asked to do a science experiment.  He even wrote out a lab report.  I was shocked!  My child who did not want to write 7 months ago was excited to do an experiment and write out a report.  He wanted to know whether a bottle rocket would go higher if it had 1 or 2 cups of water in it.  Unfortunately, after the first rocket-the cork broke and he did not get to answer his question.  However, he and Sawyer worked hard on the project for hours.

Today, Sims had his last Biology class at Latta.  While he was in class, Sawyer taught Parks.  She gave him a lesson on bird watching, plant identification, animal tracking and reptiles.  It was a lot of fun watching them.  We also got to peak in on a blue bird family.  We watched as the parents brought the babies worms.  It was great fun.  You could even hear the babies begin to cry for the food as soon as the parents landed on the bird  house.  We ended the week this evening.  Each child put together a miniature indoor garden.

Oh, I forgot.  In the pictures, you can also see the other member of our homeschool.  Out kitties are with us everyday as we are outside.  They love getting in on the action.  We are trying to figure out how to have an outdoor classroom so we can spend a little more time with our fur friends.

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