Spring is here and so are the lessons!

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It has been an eventful three weeks-in fact, I am not even sure when I last posted!  Things have been quite busy.  Upon returning from the homeschool conference, my brother and nephew visited for three days.  My nephew Anderson got a taste of the homeschool life- he and Parks enjoyed their time together.  Then Sims and Sawyer completed their end of year testing.   The following Sunday, the kids and I headed off to Orlando!  Yes, spring break occurs even in homeschool.

The week began and ended at Aquatica.  The kids loved the water park so much on the first day that they decided to end the week at Aquatica too.  The second day was at Sea World.  It was a lot of fun to put the kids to work since Nick was not with us.  They read the maps at all of the parks and figured out where to go.  They figured out which shows to watch and managed the money.  I was very impressed with how well they worked together to get things done.  We also were very fortunate to get to stay and visit with a close friend and her kiddos.  A trip to Florida is always fun but spending the time with wonderful friends made it memorable! 🙂 When we returned home, the excitement continued!  My niece and nephew came to visit from Mississippi.  Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our spring break.

With the beginning of this week-our first day back to the grindstone-I completely expected the natives to resist.  I was pleasantly surprised when both kiddos were very ready to start working again.  Mondays I read with children in Parks’ class for an hour in the morning.  Sims and Sawyer brought their independent work and got right to it.  When we got home, the same thing happened.  The nice part is that they have been very focused and excited about their work all week-long.  Wednesday they had a wonderful day out of the house.  Their kite making class was canceled a few weeks ago and rescheduled for Wednesday.  The kids had a blast.  They learned how to make two different types of kites-one for less wind and one for more intense wind.  The class was next to a neat farm that gave the kids some amazing songs to listen to during their class-roosters and peacocks and a donkey.  The peacock came up to visit a few times too.  After the kite class, the kids explored the area which included an old school-house from 1890 and an outhouse.  The day didn’t end there!  The kids then headed down the road to Cowan’s Ford nature preserve for a wetlands walk.  In the wetlands, they found tadpoles, salamanders, newts, skinks, fish, spiders and all types of fun friends.  It was one of those days that made me stop and say-“this is why I am homeschooling (although, I know in my head that I actually am doing it for a variety of other reasons, but this day was perfect-the kids played in a field without any toys except their own hand-made kites and they explored our amazing world).”

So the kids are working towards the goals that they have set.  They have already memorized one poem-The Goops and are working on another-The Land of Nod.  They are making wonderful progress in their math, spelling and grammar.  They are half-way through the book Tom Sawyer together and they are reading like crazy on their own.  They have been working towards completing a three-hour work cycle.  This is what they were used to in Montessori so  we are trying to implement it again.  As you can tell with each post, we are still learning how to learn and adapting to find the way that works the best.

How have you enjoyed the beautiful spring weather?

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