Warm weather brings the classroom outdoors

[slideshow]Wow!  What an exciting week we had!  We started the week out with a new class on Monday.  The kids went to their first PE class.  This was one class that Sims was definitely missing.  We can play all types of games at home but they can not replace a good old-fashioned kickball game.  So that is what they got.  Sims and Sawyer both had a blast.  This was a terrific start to a terrific week.  It will sound as if we did not get much work done, but in actuality I think the kids were motivated to get more work done in order to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday the kids went to Latta for their Life cycles class.  They learned about the life cycles of frogs, dragonflies and ostriches (or so they say-right now they are engulfed in the movie Kit Kittridge).  The day was perfect!  Sims wanted to show his friends a new path that he found at the park.  We packed up some work and went hiking.  Along the way, the kids explored and climbed and discovered.  Then they settled in a started to work.  They each found their spot to do their nature study and got to work writing.  Each child read his/her journal entry aloud.  It is amazing how much the entries have expanded.  Two months ago, they wrote a couple of sentences or phrases.  Now, they write beautiful paragraphs with full sentences and filled with wonderful adjectives.  The kids also continued on their exploration of electricity and magnets.  They read the book Jake Drake Know It All which was all about a science project on electromagnets.  The kids were very excited to hear about the things they had learned.

The other big project of the week was a letter.  Last week we visited the latta plantation equestrian center to visit the goats (I wrote about the goats in a previous post).  When we got there, the dogs were in the goat pen-so where were the goats?  We spoke with the park workers who told us they were told to remove the goats, the chickens and next the dogs.  What?!  Of course, we were shocked.  The park workers asked us to write the county commissioner to get the animals back.  Light bulb!  I see a work in our future !  So yes, that is what we did this week.  Sims has been working on writing persuasive paragraphs so we put that into practice.  Sims and Sawyer got a lesson on writing a letter, addressing a letter, purchasing stamps and mailing a letter.  It was truly a weeklong project.  They came up with ideas, wrote a rough draft, and a final draft.  I was very impressed with their letters.  I hope they get a response!

As you look through the pictures, you will see the kids in their outdoor classrooms all week.  They were at Latta one day.  They made a “tree house” to work in another day.  And finally today, they worked at the lake house.  It was an exciting week.  Oh, and yes-you will also see in the pictures Parks and Sawyer sewing.  We had a lesson on pillow sewing this week.  Sims is still working on his, but Parks and Sawyer completed their’s in one night while Sims was at basketball.

The tough part about having such a wonderful week is the next week!  Can it really get any better than this?  I am not sure but we will take it one day at a time!

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