Donuts, art and electricity!

Two weeks have passed by very quickly!  Last week was split up by several crazy activities including a family trip to Wake Forest.  They had their first experience watching donuts in the making!  It was a tasty field trip also after a long-not-so-fun day.  In the time between all of the craziness, the kids actually got some work done.  They decided that they wanted to study electricity next, so we went to the library to start our electricity lesson (and I spent a lot of time on the internet because this is one area that I know-or knew nothing about).  We are continuing to get into the swing of things and the kids are able to go with the flow a little easier now.  An example is when we had things to do/places to go last week and this week that were unavoidable, the kids brought work with them without being asked.  The figured out what they needed in the morning and packed it up.  It made what could have been a crazy week into a peaceful, working week.

They also got to have some friend time over the past two weeks.  On Friday, we went to the Mint Museum with some friends.  They went on a scavenger hunt through the museum looking for dogs in the paintings.  I was worried when they found all of the dogs in the first 10 minutes we were in the gallery.  I thought for sure that they would be ready to go but they continued to explore and look at the paintings for almost 30 minutes.  That may not sound like long, but I can not remember ever liking to do that as a kid or choosing to look at paintings.  Of course, they also got some fun time in the kid room there too.  They worked together to build a tower and to create their own art.  Then this week, two other friends came over for our science experiment day!  Yes, as scary as it sounds-they played with electricity.  Of course, it was static electricity and how to build a circuit with a flashlight bulb and two batteries but they thought it was pretty neat stuff.

I think we have our final curriculum laid out.  Of course, I am sure it will change some at some point.  We are loving the All About Spelling curriculum and the Saxon math.  We are still figuring out the Shurley grammar full curriculum but we are working through it.  We have decided to integrate science and social studies into our reading and writing.  An example is that last week, they read about Benjamin Franklin and the history behind electricity.  Then this week, they each wrote a lab report and a paragraph on their experiments.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  They also received a lesson from Parks on how to sew on a button.  So if you have work for them sewing buttons, let me know.  They might be able to do it.


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