The crash and burn!

Ah, a new week-a new dilemma.  So last week, I realized that the kids were only working when I was working with them.  With two at home, I realized quickly that this method would drive me insane very quickly.  Over the weekend, I came up with my ah hah moment.  The kids now get lessons in grammar, spelling and social studies on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Then Tuesdays and Thursdays are filled with math and science lessons.  Of course they still have all of their subjects everyday but now they each have independent work also. 

So the week started.  They each looked over their workplans and freaked out-“this is way too much work!”  I thought it seemed reasonable.  I guess our perceptions were completely different!  Well, Monday and Tuesday we decided to try the new plan.  Then by Wednesday, Sims and Sawyer revolted and made some awful huffing noises with each new work that they did off of their workplan.  By Thursday, both kids refused to do any work in the car and then they procrastinated when we got home.  Well, this is when I revolted.  I “decided” that I would get my stuff done and they could have the day. 

In the end I found my revolt to be much needed.  The bathrooms finally got scrubbed.  Floors got vacuumed and everything got dusted.  The kids rooms were cleaned out and the house felt mine again.  The funny part was that the kids actually did their work on their own.  Now, of course they did not do it to my level of approval (I think my expectations may be a little high) but they completed their work much to my surprise.  They also got bored-what a wonderful thing.  It made them get outside and get creative.  By 430 in the afternoon, we had a school meeting and went over how things were going. 

I knew the crash would come.  I thought it would be in a few more weeks but I guess it is over and thankfully, I have found a good friend who homeschools also.  On Thursday when I texted her that I was ready to enroll the kids in the local elementary school the next day.  She simply texted back-I’ve heard it is good.  I hate to say it but that made me laugh and realize that I just need to relax some. 

So now onto next week’s plan.  I think I will bring the work down a notch and maybe they will amaze me with how much more they accomplish!

Oh-I almost forgot some of the exciting parts of the week.  First, on Tuesday we went for a nature walk to look for insects as that is what we are studying.  Instead of bugs we-or mainly Sims-discovered a decomposing deer in the woods.  Yes, to most kids this would be disgusting and gross.  But no, my two children took pictures and wanted to take it home.  Now they are looking forward to showing it to their homeschool friends.  Then I took my savage children to the Mint Museum of Art on Wednesday and much to my surprise, they LOVED it.  They are ready to go back.  This was a nice surprise and I now have an art curriculum. (Some things do fall into place).  And lastly, today we went retro and went to the skating rink complete with disco ball and silly games!

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