Week 3 with one new student!

The New Year has started with a bang! We decided to begin homeschooling both Sims and Sawyer this semester. Yes, adding another child makes some things a little trickier and others magical. As far as schooling goes, I am learning a lot. We are continuing with my initial plan for spelling and grammar. I found a terrific history curriculum that goes over basic information on the United States for Sawyer. Then for Sims it goes through US History by using important people starting with Christopher Columbus. This works well because Sims loves to read biographies and non fiction.

As for math and art….I had this grandeous plan that these two subjects would be taken at a place that does some classes for homeschooling kiddos. It sounds like a great place but it did not work for us this year which made me start looking some more. In the end, I have settled on a Montessori math homeschool program. We haven’t gotten it yet but when I told the kids what was included they both got very excited. Art, I am still trying to figure that one out.

Today is Friday. We started off great….at 7 am that is. Today it hit Parks that Sims AND Sawyer are home with me. He decided he did not want to go to school. Normally, I could just bring him home and show him how Sims and Sawyer are actually doing school work while he is at school. However, today was Sims’ first day in biology at Latta Plantation-so I knew it would look like we were having too much fun if he hung with us all day. If he saw that, I would never get him back to Countryside! 🙂 After an hour of meltdown, he came with us to drop off Sims. He sat and watched us do a grammar lesson and walked Sims into a biology classroom. Both things obviously did not impress him because after that he stated that he was ready to go back to school.

I took Sawyer back over to Latta Plantation to wait for Sims’ class to be finished. We went to the equestrian center first and were introduced to their two baby goats (one week old today). Sawyer received a lesson on goats from the lady at the center. Then she fed the horses and hung out at the barn for a bit. When I picked up Sims, he was glowing. THey did insects today. THe class has a teaching portion and then a lab portion. He loved it. He got to feed a bull frog and experiment with crickets. We’ll see how much he retained on Monday when he gives Sawyer a lesson on the butterfly lifecycle! Next we met some friends at the equestrian center and for a hike. At the end of the hike is a beautiful lookout over Mountain Island Lake. The kids sat in silence for 10 minutes to do their nature study there. It was perfect and amazing. Each child had a different experience which was really neat because they were all in the same general area. THey were so quiet we could actually hear the wings of the birds as they flew by.

Of course, after today-Sawyer is sold on homeschooling. Almost one month down. I thought by now I would be pulling my hair out but instead I am loving it. The only problem is trying to figure out when to get everything else done. THe house is a wreck and no laundry has been folded (it is clean at least). Maybe by the summer we will have a system figured out just in time for it to change. I am thinking change will be the only constant for the next few months.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 with one new student!

  1. I’m so jealous! I SO miss homeschooling. I only had Lily at home, but always thought it would be easier with them all doing it. We lost a lot of time having to drop off the other kiddos and stop in the middle of something to pick them up. Would love to get together sometime and see what you’re using. Lily keeps asking when will they start researching at public school. She always adored researching and learning about new things. Good luck with that now 😦


    • Terry-Why didn’t we all just make this decision together? 🙂 We could have had an awesome homeschool group with kids doing all types of research and projects! I do think the driving in the car for drop off and pick up makes it difficult. The kids do not like having a time limit when they are in the middle of a work. I am wondering when they are going to perfect that “beam me up scotty” thing from star trec for us to use. Then I could just pop over to pick up Parks and be back in less than 5 minutes instead of 90 minutes!


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