Week 2-Knowing what you have taught

Week two started off well.  Sims and I had a plan.  We have made a list with all of the basics he must get in everyday such as reading aloud, math, sight words, and journaling.  Then I am making sure we start in on the grammar, reading comprehension, science and social studies.  He has to sit in the car for a while in the mornings, so he decided this is a good time to journal and start on his math (right now his math is reviewing math facts and speeding up on his basic multiplication so there are not too many lessons).  This is working out very well, except it requires me to be ready on the spot when we get home because he is ready to get to work. 

This week he learned more about American history by reading about Thomas Jefferson which then got him interested in the Revolutionary War.  Obviously, I did not think our reading through.  Last week we did Abraham Lincoln so we are not following a good timeline up to this point.  It is funny how reading one book can spark and interest into so many areas beyond the content of the book.  We decided to go back to Thomas Jefferson later because he impacted so many things that Sims would like to research. 

I also gave Sims a lesson on prokaryotic cells.  This also brought out more questions.  I was trying to figure out how  to describe the parts of the cell on a third grade level which brought us into discussions on DNA and living vs nonliving.  Now, I had no idea how handy this lesson would come in this week while on vacation.  3 out of 5 of us came down with strep throat yesterday.  Sims was able to discuss the parts of the bacteria with the NP and give Sawyer and Parks a lesson on bacteria-a prokaryotic cell. 

After these two weeks, I have discovered one of the nifty parts of homeschooling-all people already homeschooling will probably laugh at this as it is not novel.  I know everything that he has been taught over the last two weeks so I am able to bring it into everyday life.  Thus, everything he is taught is able to be put into practice.  He is able to have discussions with his grandparents about the history that he is learning about.  He can discuss with the doctor about bacteria and then explain it to his siblings.  We can work on spelling in the car by looking for the words on billboards.  The things we are going over are everywhere.  It is awesome.  I know that the things they learn in school are everywhere also.  The problem is that I do not know what they are learning in school to support it in the community. 

So after two weeks of homeschooling, we need a break.  🙂  Unfortunately for Sims, I do not think he ever gets a break from learning now as we are finding ways to incorporate  his lessons into everything.   He is even having to read to the younger kiddos at night.  We will get back online to blog in a few weeks.  Until then, happy holidays and happy new year!


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